Monday 14 August 2017

Favourite Instagram Pages

Hey guys!!

Today I will be sharing some of my favourite Instagram pages.

Boss Babe (
If you find it hard to be inspired then you should definitely check out this page. I love it because it includes lots of quotes that I can relate to.

Estuaries (@estuaries.mindfulness)
This is another page that post inspiring quotes and they also post these short clips helping you to relax and breath. It helps with staying positive and I love coming across these on my feed and it just helps me to chill out.

Anonymous (@anxiety.ugh)
I follow this page because throughout my life I have suffered with anxiety. Some days/weeks are better than others but I follow this page because it's like I can actually relate to someone and to the posts. I feel that a lot of mental health issues can be isolating since the people around you may not understand what you are going through. Pages like this can help.

Travel awesome (@travelawesome)
This page just inspires me to travel and go abroad. It shows some beautiful places in the world.

Millionaire Motivation (@millionairekey)
Again this page has great quotes and I can relate because I really want to have a career that is good and I hope to be successful. Some people in my life like to try and bring me down and pages like this remind me to keep trying.

_girly_stuff__ (@_girly_stuff__)
If you love makeup then this page is definitely for you since this page includes so much makeup. Great photography and everything is just so pleasing to the eye!

DUPETHAT (@dupethat)
Again if you are into makeup then you'll love this. The people behind this page basically find dupes for makeup products and they compare similar products so that you can see what the difference is. The regularly post discount codes as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read;
- AmberBentleyy'xo

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