Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Nars illuminator | Copacabana

So my favourite makeup products has probably got to be highlighters and illuminators, I just can't get enough of glowy dewy skin! Which is why I am going to be talking about Nars' Copacabana!

This is a fairly recent purchase for myself and at the first glance at the tube it looks to be a very luminous pearly pink kind of colour, which it definitely is on the skin although when blended out it does come across more on the pearly side just with a small hint of pink.

 Straight out of the tube.
Slightly blended out (wanted to be able to catch how luminous and reflective this product is).

I like all the glow that I can get so I usually apply this product all over my face before I apply my foundation. Another way that I have tried to wear this product is by mixing it in with my foundation, now although I have pretty pale skin (NW20-NW25) it was not my best idea as it lightened my foundation so I ended up looking a little bit ghostly! Thats not to say that you can't mix this product with your foundation but Nars does have 3 other colours of this illuminator so maybe if your preference is mixing you may want to look for a darker shade.

If your not down with having mega glow then you can simply blend the product on to areas where you do want a bit of a sheen (cheek bones/top lip). I personally would not wear this product on it's own with no foundation or BB cream, it's very intense so on it's own it's going to look very unnatural. Unless of course thats your thang.

Above; Nars illuminator (copacabana), Revlon Photoready Skinlights face illuminator (100 bare light and 200 pink light), W7 night glow and L'oreal Lumi Magique primer.

Out of the products above I would say that Copacabana has a more intense sheen! (very hard to catch via picture, highly suggest you go to a store and swatch for yourselves to see what I mean)!!!

Where to buy: I purchased this from John Lewis for £23.00. I believe Selfridges and House of Fraser also stocks this.

Overall I definitely need this in my life and it is a fav if i'm going out somewhere special! What are your thoughts? Whats your favourite illuminator?

Thanks for taking the time to read;
- AmberBentley xo

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