Monday 20 March 2017

10 MAC Products That I Recommend

Hi guys!!

I'm writing this for the people out there that may have never stepped foot in a MAC store or for the people that just aren't sure on what they should buy. I'm going to be sharing with you my cult favourite products from MAC. So lets get started...

Fix +
I am going to be talking MAC fix + which is totally one of my favourite products to use from MAC. For starters it can just be used for so many different things. I like to spray it on my face before I do my makeup to help make my skin more luminous (I have terribly dry skin) I will also use it once I have completely done with all my makeup so that I don't have a powdery look to my face. Fix + is also great for using with eyeshadows and highlighters to make them more pigmented. I love using it to foil pigments as well. Simply spray on to a brush and dip into the pigment and see what magic happens.

Another product I have to say I love from MAC is their foundations... They literally have so many!! Dry skin, oily skin, full coverage to light coverage MAC has seriously got you covered. I highly recommend you going in store and get colour matched or just speaking with a employee. They will be able to tell you what foundation would best suit the skin type that you have. I will say my personal favourite has definitely got to be Studio Fix Fluid. I love how full coverage it is but it isn't totally matte.

Above left to right Studio Fix Fluid, Studio Sculpt and Pro Longwear.

There is no chance I could write about MAC without mentioning their Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powders. Now you might be saying 'well it's just a powder??' But honestly I think MAC's powders just look so beautiful on the skin and will keep you matte for a decent amount of time. I will use these to set my makeup and carry around for touch ups when needed throughout the day but I do also love wearing these on days where I don't want to wear foundation but I still want to look a little bit put together. For just a powder I think that they give really great coverage.

Above left to right; Medium and Give Me Sun.

So the next products I am going to throw into the mix are MAC's Mineralise Skinfinish. These are definitely not the same as the Mineralise Skinfinish Naturals. This is a product that I use to highlight the tops of my cheekbones, cupids bow and anywhere else I require. They come in a bunch of different shades that will suit a variety of different skin tones. My favourite has got to be the staple Soft and Gentle. Although I have been loving some of their newer Extra Dimension Skinfinish shades such as Double Gleam. 

Cream Colour Base
This is a product that I use in a similar way to how I use MAC highlighters. The Cream Colour Bases have lots of different ways you can use them but I love using them has a cream highlighter - kind of like a primer/base for my powder highlighter. Using this product seriously makes powder highlighters intense. But used on their own they are just really subtle but they give you the most natural glow ever. Highly recommend!!!

Top left to right; Soft and Gentle, Lightscapade, Double Gleam.
Bottom left to right; Cream colour bases in - Pearl and Luna

Pro Longwear Paint Pot
I don't think my eyeshadow would be the same without these guys.. I use the shade painterly every single day I'm not even kidding. For me it is the perfect eyeshadow primer, not only that but it doubles up as something to help cover up any discolouration or veins on the eyelid area -so I also use it on days when I really cba with any eyeshadow (for example when I wake up late - which I do a lot). Some people can find this product slightly tricky to use - so I highly recommend once you've applied the paint pot to your lid use a skin toned eyeshadow (or just some face powder) to set it in place. Then your eyeshadow will literally not move ALL day.

What can I say about these?? I LOVE MAC pigments. Theres so many different shades - some are matte, duo chrome, shimmer. The choice is endless. My favs are Blue Brown and Tan. And the way I like to use pigments is by wetting my brush with Fix + and then dipping into the pigment. This makes the pigment foiled and appear like BAM! It also does make it a little easier to work with since pigments can be quite messy at times.
Above left to right; Pigments in - Rose, Blue Brown and Tan
Below left to right; Paint Pots in - Painterly and Bare Study.

So most people out there will be aware of MAC eyeshadows. MAC has so many different eyeshadow ranging from pretty much any colour you can imagine and then with every different type of finish as well! I won't bore you too much about eyeshadows but MAC really was the brand that got me into wearing eyeshadows so I highly recommend you go and check them out.

 Top palette is the pre-made warm neutral palette.
Bottom palette is custom made by me - colours left to right starting from the top;; Blanc Type, Phloof!, Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, Expensive Pink, Wedge, Soft Brown, Texture, Swiss Chocolate, Embark, Satin Taupe, Swish, Cranberry, Deep Damson and Sketch.

MAC makes amazing lipsticks. End of. Haha no seriously theres just so many different shades and finishes that I'm pretty sure everyone in the world would be able to find a colour that they like. My personal favourite finishes have go to be matte and satin. These I find last the longest on the lips but they are comfortable at the same time. My all time favourite lipstick has got to be Faux. Seriously if you are into nude lipstick and you haven't tried this please do!!!

Lipliner is a product that I feel a lot of people overlook, thinking that its a product that they just don't really need but I disagree. I find especially MAC lip pencils help to make lipstick last a lot longer, also help them not to bleed. You can slightly over line your lips and it will give the appearance of a fuller pair of smackers! You can also wear them alone, maybe put a bit of gloss over the top and they will look just like natural lips. MAC sells lip pencils that match up with their lipsticks so that is a match made in heaven for your lips.

Whats your favourite products from MAC?

Thanks for taking the time to read;;
 - AmberBentleyy xo

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