Sunday 5 March 2017

Purple Shampoo | Blonde Hair Care

Hey guys!! 

Today I just wanted to do a real quick post about my favourite purple shampoos for blonde hair. So a little quick back story about me... I have been 'bleach blonde' or 'platinum blonde' for around 6 years now and I have always done my hair myself. So with that being said I feel like a have a slight knowledge from personal experience about what makes a good purple shampoo. Over the years I have honestly tried so many different types, and some have worked, some have made my hair seriously purple, some have left my hair so incredibly dry and some are just plain shit, lol. 

So moving on the first products that I want to talk about are from a brand called Directions. Now back in the day when I used to colour my hair all crazy.. (anyone remember 'scene' hair? Yeah...) I had heard about this brand. Manic Panic was a little bit too expensive for me at my young age so I had to look for alternatives. These are honestly so great, and are such a good price.. Firstly they come in a bunch of different colours so even if your not blonde theres something for every one. Secondly considering they are just little small pots a lot goes a long way trust me! The only one out of these that I will use straight out the tub and onto my hair is the one labelled 'white toner'. This is because it is a really light lilac colour. The others I will actually take a smidgen and mix with my normal white conditioner and leave on for around 15/20 minutes.

Above left to right; Directions in; Silver, White Toner, Lilac and Violet.

 Above left to right; Directions in; Silver, White Toner, Lilac and Violet.

So the next shampoo that I want to give a little shout out to is the L'Oreal silver expert shampoo. Now this shampoo again is pretty different to others I've tried purely because if you leave this on a bit too long (like some of us blondes have a tendency to do) it literally makes your hair silver/ash/grey (whatever you want to call it) instead of a purple tone. Great! I just use this like I would a normal shampoo because it is really strong so I find I don't have to leave it in long. It really gets rid of any brassy tones and if you want something you can leave in your hair simply mix it with a bit of white conditioner and there you have it - a purple shampoo that is gonna tone but could also double up as a toning conditioning hair mask.

Above; L'Oreal silver expert shampoo

Where to buy;;
Directions - around £3.00
L'Oreal - around £15.00 for 1500ml

Thanks for taking the time to read;
- AmberBentleyy xo

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