Thursday, 27 April 2017

50 things I love

Hey my loves!

I'm going to be sharing with you 50 thing I love, doing something like this can help you appreciate what you've got and how lucky you are and if you are feeling down it's great for you to read :)

  1. My family - Can't live with them, can't live without them!
  2. My pug Bentley - He is my honey bun and I love him more than anything.
  3. Long quiet walks - I love woods.
  4. Starbucks - Mocha Frappucino enough said...
  5. Chocolate - Especially Cadburys
  6. Bath bombs - Pretty colours, makes your skin feel amazing and smells lush.
  7. Face masks - Hydrating and relaxing.
  8. Makeup - I aim to have a Sephora in my house at some point.
  9. Reading - I love getting into bed and reading a good book.
  10. Loud music in a car when it's sunny - Just feels so relaxing and freeing.
  11. Long telephone calls with someone I care about - Not when you get put hold by a company...
  12. Dreams that you can get lost in.
  13. Lying out in the sun.
  14. Drinking ice cold water.
  15. Watching a chick flick.
  16. Electric blankets.
  17. Blogging ;)
  18. Scented candles - Especially Yankee candles.
  19. Sitting alone and doing absolutely nothing.
  20. Smoothies.
  21. Mood lights.
  22. Pink - I love absolutely anything that is pink. 
  23. Shopping - No better therapy than retail therapy.
  24. Laughing until my tummy hurts and I'm crying and I just look a mess.
  25. White fluffy clouds.
  26. Thunderstorms - I find them strangely calming.
  27. Reading inspiring quotes.
  28. Moisturiser - Especially when it's got cocoa butter in.
  29. Spa days - Saunas, steam rooms and treatments.
  30. Netflix - I can get lost in the documentaries.
  31. Listening to music.
  32. Making my bed - I know it's weird but I really feel like I'm getting my self together in the morning when I do this.
  33. Cuddly toys - Because in my head I'm still like 5?
  34. Lying in bed - Just before you fall asleep.. 
  35. Feeling confident - Feeling like you've just stepped out of Devil Wears Prada..
  36. Ticking things off a checklist - You just feel totally accomplished.
  37. Figuring something out all by yourself - Yes you are a genius.
  38. Yawning.
  39. Nutella.
  40. Learning - I love to learn new things as often as I can.
  41. Freshly bleached roots - Blondes you feel me?
  42. Birthdays - Always a special day even if I don't do much.
  43. Eating out at a restaurant - There's something so pleasing about not having to cook your own food every once in awhile.
  44. Playstation - I should of grown out of this but GTA is just a classic pick me up.
  45. Giving gifts to something and seeing their face - Only if they're happy of course..
  46. Pasta/Pizza - All day every day.
  47. Freshly shaven legs - Smooth for about 5 minutes..
  48. Having a deep conversation with someone - Nothing like getting your emotions out.
  49. Swearing - Some people think it's tacky but it's a release..
  50. The person who is taking the time out of their day to read this.

I challenge you to think of 50 things that you love..

Thanks for taking the time to read;
- AmberBentleyy xo

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