Tuesday 4 April 2017

In-Flight Travel Essentials

Hey guys!

Today I am going to be talking about my in flight travel essentials that I think will help you when you are on your travels..

Bag - Now always make sure you check with your travel company what size carry on you are allowed but usually it is a universal size I believe. A medium - large tote is a great traveling bag because it is usually large enough for you to be able to fit a laptop in and things like that.

Headphones - If you are on a long haul flight there is nothing worse than getting sore ears from the headphones that they sometimes supply to you, some you might even have to pay for! So it's a great idea to pack your own that you know are good quality and comfortable since you could be spending a lot of your time listening to music or watching a film.

Neck cushion - I recommend a neck cushion if you are travelling - especially a night flight. It's much more comfy than the pillows they supply on board.

External phone charger - You don't really want to end up running out of battery on your phone whilst you are half way through your flight so it is a great investment to grab yourself a external phone charger. You can easily pick them up from a lot of places. I also recommend that you bring your usb cable with you since some flights might have a port for you to charge your phone during the flight.

Spare clothes - Always pack some clothes especially fresh undies!! Atleast if something happens to your main luggage you have something that will tie you over for a little bit.

Notepad and pen - When boredom strikes it can be nice to write a little something down or do some drawing to pass the time. Having a couple of pens can come in handy if you ever have to fill in any forms on the plane or at the airport.

Book/tablet/laptop - Bring a book to read as this can take up some time - tablets are great for hours of playing candy crush and things like that. You can upload some dvd's to watch during the flight if the on board ones aren't taking your fancy, also if you are someone that does a lot of work on a computer then you could get a little bit of that done during the flight so you don't have to worry about doing it later on.

Snacks - Bring your own snacks from home if you don't want to pay for the on board ones.

Medicines - Make sure you bring all the medication that you may need with you (check with your airline what you are allowed to bring on board) but some medicines you should be able to purchase in the airport.

Passport and money - You won't be getting far without these...

Travel paper work - I always recommend to have photocopies of your passport and other important travel documents. If you are travelling with family or friends maybe have copies for each other as well since things might get a little bit complicated if you lose or forget anything important.

Socks - Bring some nice fluffy socks. They are great for keeping you comfy and warm.

Sunglasses - If you are going somewhere where the sun is shining don't forget your sunglasses! You'll be grateful when you get to your destination.

Camera - I love starting off my holiday photos with pictures of the plane and you never know what might happen for you to want to take a picture.

Water bottle - Now I know you can't bring a water bottle filled with water on a plane but you can bring a large empty one from home and either purchase some water or ask one of the on board flight attendants to very kindly fill up your water bottle. It is important on flights to stay hydrated.

Hand sanitiser - Germs enough said.

Deodorant - Planes can be funny with temperature and you could be on a flight for a few hours - which you won't be able to wash during! So it's great having a few products to help you freshen up including a roll on deodorant.

Makeup - When I go on a plane I don't really tend to wear a lot of makeup but it is nice to look somewhat decent and put together when you reach your destination. I usually pack some face powder a lip balm and some false eyelashes - if thats not your thing you could just bring some mascara.

Cleansing wipes - These can help remove any makeup that you might have on during the flight - you really don't want to end up having the same face on for like 20 hours! So bring some cleansing wipes and you will instantly feel freshened up. You can always reapply your makeup towards the end of the flight.

Refreshing facial spray - So of course be careful with your liquids but I love to bring a facial spray that I can spritz during the flight since it is just so nice and refreshing and can help give your skin some moisture. I also recommend bringing a sheet mask if you are on a long haul flight - you might look a little scary but your skin will thank you later.

Toothbrush and toothpaste - Bring a little mini set of toothpaste and a toothbrush with you. The chance are you will more than likely be eating on a plane and no one likes stinky breathe, and besides nothing beats fresh minty teeth!

Thanks for taking the time to read
AmberBentleyy xo

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