Tuesday 18 April 2017

MAC Lipstick 101

Hey loves!

So you've decided that you want to purchase a lipstick from MAC but you go online/or go in store and you suddenly realise you have absolutely no idea what you are looking for - well have no fear! Hopefully this post will help you with your decision. MAC lipsticks are definitely one of the most well known but they literally do so many different shades with different formulas, so how do you know which one is right for you? Again have no fear...

Looking on MAC's website they stock around 196 lipsticks - which is a crazy amount.. Today I'm just going to be talking about lipsticks that are just in the regular line that you should be able to purchase all the time.

These lipsticks are drying and you might want to do a little bit of lip prepping prior to applying one of these (lip balm/lip scrub). This finish of lipstick definitely lasts the longest on the lips and is one of my favourites. I feel like the matte formulas have a great colour pay off (they are really pigmented). If you are someone that has dry chapped lips on the regular you might find that this formula picks up every single little texture on lip, but it is nothing a decent little lip prep can't sort for you.

Favourite shades

  • Velvet Teddy - Deep tone beige
  • Honeylove - Light beige toned with rose
  • Candy Yum Yum - Neon Pink

This is my favourite formula that MAC does, the colour payoff is great. They are pretty similar to the matte finishes except these are much less drying and they are really long lasting.

Favourite shades

  • Fleshpot - Pale muted pinky beige
  • Faux - Muted mauve pink
  • Rebel - Mid-tonal cream plum

This formula does not last as long on the lips as the ones mentioned above but they do look very different on the lips - I don't find these have as much pigment as say the matte shades but this means that shades can look really nice and natural. They are comfortable on the lips and I wouldn't say they are overly glossy looking but they have a nice frosty sheen (see what I did there).

Favourite shades

  • "O" - Purplish-red with golden pearl
  • Fresh Moroccan - Brick red with gold pearl
  • Angel - Soft Pink

Now this formula is a lot more glossy than the others mentioned. Think of glazed donuts! The thing that I love about this particular formula is that the lipsticks don't have a great colour pay off meaning they come across quite sheer. I love this for days where I really don't want to wear a lot of makeup but I want something on my lips. Kind of like your lips but better if that makes sense? The formula is really comfortable and moisturising, but this does mean that the colour does not last for very long on the lip. But hey because it's pretty sheer you can pretty much apply this lipstick without a mirror!

Favourite shades

  • Hue - Soft pale pink
  • Hot Tahiti - Soft reddish coral

I don't really see a whole load of difference between Lustre and Glaze to be honest with you all, obviously there are different shades but the wear time is around the same and I find them to have a similar colour pay off. There are more shades available in this finish than Glaze.

Favourite Shades

  • Politely pink - Dirty pink
  • Pretty please - pale pink pearl

These lipsticks have a decent amount of colour pay off, although they are not as pigmented as the matte formula. They are really creamy and glossy (almost like lipgloss but with more pigment), so if you are some that is not in to the glossy look then this finish is definitely not for you. In saying that lots of gorgeous well-known shades are this finish and they do look gorgeous. They are really comfortable on the lips and they are moisturising. I think because of how glossy this formula is it means that the wear time is not too long.

Favourite shades

  • Creme cup - Light blue pink
  • Lickable - Bright clean blue pink
  • Brave red - Bright yellow red

This formula has some serious pigment! If you are looking to stand out from the crowd then there are lots of colour in this range that will help you to do so. These lipsticks are comfortable on the lips and aren't overly drying but equally aren't overly glossy. I find the wear time is pretty decent with these (one of the more longer lasting ones) and if you have very textured lips then this formula is very forgiving.

Favourite shades

  • Blankety - Soft pink beige
  • Saint germain - Clean pastel pink
  • Up the amp - Lavender violet

What is your favourite MAC lipsticks?

Thanks for taking the time to read;
- AmberBentleyy xo

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