Friday 14 April 2017

Top 10 Drugstore/Affordable Makeup Products

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Today in this post I am going to be talking about the products that I highly recommend from the drugstore - or products that I think are affordable.

L'oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream
This is one of my all favourite primers and I use it pretty much everyday. I have quite textured skin underneath and around my eye area so I love how this product smooths out my skin. You can wear it alone or underneath makeup, I prefer to wear it underneath my makeup because it really helps with how my foundation and concealer sits on my skin. If you are someone with large pores this primer would work amazingly for you because it instantly fills and smooths. The primer comes with a slight tint of colour to it - I will say that I personally don't notice much difference but if you are someone that very rarely wears makeup then you might find this to just help give you a little something.

Available at; for £9.99

Seventeen Skin Wow Highlighter
Another primer but it serves a totally different purpose for me than the one above. For someone that suffers from quite bad dry skin I really enjoy having a dewy base, the way I like to use this product is I apply it all over my face before I put on my foundation. You could also mix it in with your foundation or use it as a highlighter once you have the rest of your makeup on.

Available at; for £5.99

Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencils
These are amazing! I love to use these as a primer on my eye lid before I put on powder eyeshadow, not only does doing this intensify the pigment of the eyeshadow it also helps the eyeshadow to stay on all day. I think you could wear them alone but I do find they transfer on the eye a bit but the black jumbo eye pencil is great for the water line as it's really pigmented. Just looking on I can see that there are 32 different colours - which means you will definitely be able to find any colour that you might need.

Available at; for £5.00

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
I'm being honest when I say I think nearly everyone in the world owns or has owned Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. Not only is this powder really affordable but it's one of the best powders I've ever tried and I'm comparing it to all the high end ones. I might find another powder that I love for a while but I will always end up going back to my Stay Matte. I love this powder because it's keeps you matte for a decent amount of time but it doesn't make you look cakey.

Available at; for £3.99

Barry M Dazzle Dust
I've used these since I was like 12 and they never disappoint, I think if you really want to branch out into pigments but you don't want to go out and spend the money on MAC pigments then these are a really great alternative. You can use them just on their own or you can grab some MAC fix + and spray your brush then go in with the pigment - this will make application slightly easier (pigment won't fall down your face) and will make them look even more intense. I find these can sometimes be slightly tricky to get your hands on but they have a bunch of different shades and are just generally amazing.

Available at; for £4.59

Maybelline Master Strobing Sticks
Love to use this as a primer for my powder highlight, you could definitely wear this on it's own for a natural glow - but don't be totally fooled cause this little stick is pretty pigmented! It is a cream/stick highlighter and I believe there are two shades one that would suit lighter skin tones and one that would look gorgeous on deeper skin tones.

Available at; for £6.99

Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick
You know I love my highlighters and this one is definitely one that I would consider being one of my all time faves. When I first locked eyes on this product is reminded me of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks. There is a couple of ways you can use this product - as a highlighter or as a bronzer. Now I tend to only use it for highlighter since it is pretty shimmery but if you are into the sun kissed looked then this will be amazing for you. I believe there is two shades, one being pink toned and the other gold.

Available at;
When I was researching this post I really struggled to find it anywhere but I swear I always see it in boots or superdrug so keep your eyes peeled.

Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin Highlighter
There are a bunch of different shades for this highlighter some of which are even duo chrome! They are really pigmented and are a really affordable price, I love using these highlighters to make my cheekbones glow.

Available at; for £3.00

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows
I just couldn't not mention these, they are literally so amazing. So I know these aren't eyeshadows that you can go in store and pick up but I'm happy to talk about them because you can now easily get them online in the UK. These eyeshadow are literally some of my favs, theres not a single shade that disappoints me - they are all so pigmented and really easy to blend. Because they are single eyeshadow you do have to purchase a palette to put them in (zpalette) but this means that you can create any palette you want. Makeup Geek in the whole is an amazing brand that is continuing to grow all the time. My all time favourite shade is Shimma Shimma. There are also so many different formulas of eyeshadow ranging from matte, duo chrome, shimmer and foiled.

Available at; for £6.00

Nyx Lip Pencils
There are seriously so many different shades of lip liners (on I've counted 44)! They are so affordable and whats more important is the actual product itself is amazing. I compare these lip pencils to MAC. They stay on for a really long time and they are comfortable on the lips and stop lipsticks bleeding. What more could you want?

Available at; for £3.00

What are you favourite products from the drugstore?

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- AmberBentleyy xo

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