Wednesday 6 December 2017

Favourite Toys & Accessories For Guinea Pigs | 2017

Hey loves!

I thought this would be a fun post about my favourite toys and accessories for my guinea pigs.

Rosewood Chew Tube
So for starters these come in a variety of different sizes which is great because they really can be used for any small animal you may have. But my guinea pigs absolutely love these and they spend a lot of time crawling through them. They chew on them a little bit but nothing crazy and they are just great for the price. They do take a bit of a beating if they get wet but other than that!

Price & Where to find
Price varies depending on size but usually £1 -

Wooden Hide
My guinea pigs love to spend a lot of time playing in their run, which I either put inside in my garage (UK weather lol!) or if it is a nice day out I will put outside so this wooden hide is fantastic. They spend most of their time under it or running through it and it is also safe for them to chew on as well.

Price & Where to find
Large is £7.00 -

Glass Water Bottle 
A little bit of a boring basic one here but I love using glass water bottle for my guinea pigs. I find the plastic ones can get dirty and be harder to clean. This particular brand includes a little carrot inside which floats to the top of the water so that helps you to be able to see how much water has been drunk.

Price & Where to find
£5/£6 - 

Pets At Home Small Animal Treats
My guinea pigs adore these. Obviously treats should be given as part of a balanced diet and all that but they are great in my opinion for bonding with your little furry. Pets At Home does a variety of different flavours and they can be suitable for a range of different small animals.

Price & Where to find
£1.29 but can be found on offer regularly (4 for 3) -

Fleece Bed
My two are obsessed with a fleece bed and it is definitely a good buy. They love to sleep in it, play in it and just generally popcorn in and out! I picked mine up off of eBay but a lot of different places stock them.

Price & Where to find
£6.99 -
- The seller I purchase from is;

Wooden Chews 
Another type of toy that my guinea pigs love is basically anything that they can chew on! I love the brand Rosewood Pets. You can check out their website for the things they stock but I don't think you can purchase from them directly. This brand can be purchased at other places like Pets At Home, The Range and Poundstretcher but for a wider range I would check out the website because they honestly make some of the best toys and accessories!

If you are interested in making your own DIY toy or whatever it may be I suggest you check out Pinterest. They have so many amazing ideas so if you don't fancy buying anything you can make them yourself usually with things just lying around your house!

- These are just some of my favourite toys and accessories I obviously try my best as a owner to make sure I have everything I need for my guinea pigs. So I didn't include everything in this list just because I thought it would be a bit too long!

Thanks for taking the time to read;
- AmberBentleyy'xo

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