Wednesday 13 December 2017

Random Favourites | Things I've Been Loving | 2017

Hey loves!

Today I'm just going to be sharing with you some random favourites that I have been loving recently!

So the past couple of months I have really been getting back in to my candles. For some reason I don't really like to burn candles in the summer. Weird I know because there are some really nice summery scents but in my head candles make autumn/winter so cosy in the early dark evenings.. The scents I have been loving are; Savour the SeasonSnowflake Cookie and Fireside Treats from Yankee Candle.

Where To Find & Price
Yankee candles - £23.99 large (currently selected scents are on offer!!) -

Nintendo 3DS XL
I've always been pretty into gaming, it takes my mind off of things going on in my life and when I was younger I had the Nintendo DS. I think I played it like everyday for ages and it was great! I kind of knew that Nintendo had come out with some newer ones over the years but for whatever reason I didn't pick another console up. Now I know this console is pretty old but I decided that it was my favourite (the newer 3DS is slightly smaller I believe?). I also knew I wanted the pink one so I actually tracked it down on eBay since I couldn't find it anywhere else. Anyway the games I have been loving are Animal Crossing New Leaf and the new Nintendogs + Cats. If you are looking for a great handheld console then I totally recommend the Nintendo 3DS XL.

Where To Find & Price
Price depends I recommend if you want a specific colour to look on eBay or CeX.

Unicorn Dust Plugs
I mentioning these because I use them on my Nintendo 3DS and on my phone and they are just so adorable. I'm not totally sure what else I can say about these besides the fact that they are ridiculously cute and they are UNICORNS. You get 3 in a pack in the colours; white, pink and blue and they also have another charm that says 'best friends forever'. So would be a great present for a younger person to give to their friends!

Where To Find & Price
£5.00 from

Unicorn Hat
Sticking on the theme of Unicorns because I mean who doesn't love Unicorns right? I have a hat, now I know this is probably meant for children but I saw it and I just couldn't not pick it up. There are fields around my house and I nearly always take my dogs for a walk in the field and just some days it can be really windy. I think I must have the worlds most sensitive ears because it's like the minute theres a bit of wind I get ear ache. This hat is great because it covers the ears! Would I wear this out out? Probably not but would be great for children or for adults that like to show their fun side!!!!

Where To Find & Price
£2.99 from

Color Club Nail Polish
To start with being from the UK it pains me a little to write color.. Anyway I'm not entirely sure what the collection is called I believe it might be 'Halo Hues'. Basically they are absolutely stunning holographic nail polishes. Ever since the internet blew up about the holographic powders I was on the hunt for a good holographic nail polish. All you have to do is google these and you will see how amazing they look! I will say that they look best on a sunny day or if you take a picture with flash. I also find they work best without a top coat since it can dull the shine a bit. I have 3 shades; Cloud Nine, Harp On It and Miss Bliss.

Where To Find & Price
£9.99 from
- You can also find them on

Thanks for taking the time to read;
- AmberBentleyy'xo

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