Wednesday 31 January 2018

January Favourites | 2018

Hey loves!

I can not believe that January is basically over :( I love the month of January because it is my birthday month.. Anyway I'm going to be sharing with you the products that I have been loving throughout this month!

No7 Protect and Perfect Day Cream
So I have dry skin anyway but in the colder months my skin can get even more dry and I'm more likely to have texture and flaky bits of skin, this month my skin hasn't been terrible but I've been enjoying using this moisturiser. It's a lot heavier than my usual go to moisturiser (Neutrogena Hydro Boost) in the sense that it takes longer to sink in to skin. I find this is great for me because it helps keep my skin that bit more hydrated throughout the day.

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£25.00 -

W7 Power Puff Beauty Sponge
I have recently been on a hunt around for a new beauty blender makeup sponge situation just because I am so fed up with how expensive Beauty Blenders are. I mean they are amazing and they do make my foundation look so good and I seem to hardly ever use brushes to actually apply my foundation anymore but they are just so expensive. For a sponge?? So anyway I've been on the hunt and I have found a few others that I like such as the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge only thing I find with this one is that mine always get so stained! Like no matter how I clean it I just cannot get all the foundation stains out of it. This bothers me. So when I picked this up I was really surprised! I will say that when you first use this you need to make sure you really get it wet because the first times I used it I thought it was harder and not quite as bouncy as a Beauty Blender but I stuck with it and it did get softer. It makes my makeup look great!

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ABH Sugar Glow Kit
I did do a whole post about this palette so I'll keep this short if you are in to your ABH Glow Kits then this will definitely not disappoint because it's stunning. I was really after the Sweets Glow Kit and not for the life of me could I actually pick it up from anywhere because it always seemed to be out of stock so when I heard that they were bringing out another one I was excited. There are actually a couple of repeat shades in the Sugar Glow Kit that was in the Sweets Glow Kit so if you couldn't get your hands on it you can still try out some of the shades which is great!

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£41.00 -

Tarte Pro Glow Palette
I gave my brother the task of tracking this down because I enjoy giving him products that aren't the easiest to find in the UK (VV-HG). But I seriously struggle on where to find Tarte products a lot where they don't charge a huge shipping cost because I am not about that life but anyway when I first saw this palette I thought that it looked really interesting and I wanted to try it. Now I have never tried any Tarte products (because I can never seem to get hold of them) and I wasn't disappointed. This palette is pretty heavy but it's seriously smells nice but the packaging is the type that I know I am going to get absolutely filthy with my little makeup fingers. You get 4 highlighter shades, a cream contour and a powder contour. I'm not really a fan of the cream bronzer but then I'm not really a fan of cream bronzers in general just because I find I spend ages trying to blend them in but I love the powder contour shade.

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£38.00 -

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara
I'm not one to usually change up my mascaras all that often, I love experimenting with different makeup but mascara hasn't always been a bit bluergh for me. I have my favourites and I wear lashes like everyday so it isn't really my favourite to pick up but for christmas my mum very kindly picked me up a Soap and Glory gift set which included a bunch of different products and some of them I had never even tried before. This mascara is pretty good if I do say so it covers the lashes well and separates them nicely and gives a little bit extra length. It's quite a watery mascara which I typically don't like because I like quite clumpy looking lashes but if you wait for the first coat to dry you can build it up if you are in to that sort of thing.

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£10.50 -

L'oreal Infallible 24 Hour Foundation
I'v been loving L'oreal foundations at the minute and I know this one is pretty old but I've honestly never tried it so I decided to pick it up. One of my pet peeves though is when makeup companies don't use the same shade names across all their different collections because I did order online and I had a little problem trying to find my shade.. Anyway moving on this foundation is so universally great like it has great coverage and covers all my problems areas or any break outs I might have but it also has a really lovely natural finish. Not too matte not too dewy so I think this could work for all different types of skin types. For a natural finish it lasts on my skin a really long time too!

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£10.99 -

Snowflake Cookie Yankee Candle
This candle is my favourite and I have to pick it up every year because it just remind me of cookies and winter. If you have not smelt this then you need to! Smells like baking and cookies. And it's pink and I love everthing pink so this candle just wins. When I burn this it makes the whole house smell really nice.

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You Are a Badass Book - Jen Sincero
I recently did a post about my favourite books that helped me with my anxiety and depression and I have got around 3 quarters of the way through this book and I have been loving it. It's not exactly geared towards people who suffer from anxiety and depression it's more to help people discover their inner self and help them get the most out life. I love a good self help book but some I would consider to be more heavier reading than others but this book is just written so well. Theres a light hearted humour but the author still gets really good points across!

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Thanks for taking the time to read;
- AmberBentleyy'xo

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