Wednesday 17 January 2018

Sweet Smelling Body Mist | 2018

Hey loves!

I have previously already made a list of my favourite sweet smelling perfumes; and I felt like I was missing something since there are some really great body mists out there that smell just as good!

Body Fantasies - Cotton Candy Fragrance Body Spray
I 've always loved this body spray! It smells so sweet but not sickly in my opinion. It may be one of those scents that you either love or hate but honestly if you are into sweet smelling scents then you need to try this. It smells best once it like settles on the skin, thats when I get a hint of cotton candy. Only thing I dislike about this and probably about most body mists is they don't last very long on me! But I do nearly always carry one around in my bag for quick spritz.

Citrus, Sparkling Raspberry, Cotton Candy Accord, Strawberry Sugar, Whipped Vanilla, Soft Caramel, Musk.

Where To Find
£8.99 for 236ml -

Victoria Secret - Love Spell Body Mist
Victoria Secret does seriously kill me with their fragrances but Love Spell is probably my favourite out of all the ones I've tried. It's not quite as sweet as the Body Fantasies one but I still think it's worth a mention.

Cherry Blossom, Peach

Where To Find
£12.00 for 250ml -

Victoria Secret - PINK
I don't think there is a single one of these that I don't like! I highly recommend you check them out, slightly on the more pricier side and not massively easy to get your hands on in the UK if you don't have a VS store local to you. But they are often on offer. I also love that these come with glitter version because who doesn't like to be a bit extra sometimes? Looks great if you are going for a night out somewhere.

Where To Find

Charlie - Black Body Spray
This scent takes me back it's so crazy, literally I think nearly every single girl at school at some point wore this it was literally that popular. I haven't worn it so much in recent times but if it ever catches my eye when I'm out I usually pick some up. These really don't last long on the skin at all but it's such a nostalgic scent for me I couldn't not mention it.

White Musk, Mandarin

Where To Find
£1.69 for 75ml -

SO...? - Vanilla Milkshake Body Mist
This is another gorgeous sweet scent, I get compliments whenever I wear this and it smells so good and it is definitely a great summer fragrance.

Sweet Vanilla, Peach, Plum

Where To Find
£3.99 for 100ml -

Hawaiian Tropic - Island Resort Body Mist
This literally reminds me of being on holiday, I don't know exactly what it is about it but seriously when I spray this I can imagine lying on a nice hot beach somewhere.

Orchid, Pomegranate

Where To Find
£10.00 for 250ml -

I love... - Strawberries and Cream Refreshing Body Spritzer
This stuff is seriously amazing, it's so sweet and for a body spray it lasts a really decent amount of time on the me. I think I do usually pick these up from Primark so they are cheaper there than what I found on Amazon (which was the only place I could find online) but I believe they do a few different scents and I've tried two so I'm really wanting to try more of them since they really are great!

Where To Find
I usually pick this up from Primark!

What are your favourite body mists??

Thanks for taking the time to read;
- AmberBentleyy'xo

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