Thursday 11 January 2018

Nintendo 3DS XL Accessories | 2018

Hey loves!

Today in this post I am going to be talking about some new accessories that I picked up for my Nintendo 3DS XL. If you have read one of my recent posts then you'll know that I have only recently picked up this console. It's only been out for years but I mean better late than never right? My deciding factor as well was I knew the older version came in pink and I love everything that is pink!

Nintendo 3DS XL
For starters I will just show you the console I own;
- I picked it up second hand from eBay for around £60 and it was it great condition literally just had a couple of small scratches but nothing that overly bothered me and the console works perfectly.

I decided to pick up a case because I knew that this would be the type of thing I would take places with me and I really didn't want it get all scratched. I also didn't want a case that would take away from the colour of the console so I was searching and I stumbled upon this cover that was glittery pink and somewhat transparent so it still allowed the original colour of my 3DS to show through. I think the cover it greatly made and really affordable since I did find it hard to find a case for the older 3DS. You can get this cover in a bunch of different colours such as; clear, pink, blue, black and red.

Where To Find & Price
I got my case from Amazon* - for £6.79

Stylus Pen
The only thing that was a down side to me purchasing my 3DS on eBay was the fact the seller did not have the stylus pens included. I wasn't too worried because I knew I would be able to pick some up online. I originally picked up some stylus' from eBay not realising that they didn't actually fit in the slot on the back of the 3DS so they ended up not being particularly useful. I just assumed that they all would fit! I did then go on to find some glitter pink stylus' that do slot in the space available. They are also available from the same seller that I received my cover from which is ZedLabz.

Where To Find & Price
Stylus Pens are from Amazon* - for £4.95

Screen Protector
A screen protector is really important if you want to make sure you don't damage either screens on the 3DS. I picked up a pack that included both top and bottom that was pretty affordable. The pack I purchased came with a cloth and a little plastic card to help make the application easier!

Where To Find & Price
Screen Protector from Amazon* for £1.95

I absolutely love things that are girly and cute and I did find some adorable dust plugs from Claires. They are little Unicorns and you get 3 different colours included in the pack and they just plug in to where you would usually put your headphones. The 3DS also comes with built on places if you want to add different types of charms that don't go in to the headphone slot.

Where To Find & Price
Unicorn charms from Claires - £5.00

* Purchasing via links given may allow me to make a small amount of money, but I can assure you these are all products that I have purchased myself and tried and tested and genuinely enjoyed and highly recommend! :)

Thanks for taking the time to read;
- AmberBentleyy'xo

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