Wednesday 10 January 2018

Glowy Skin In Winter | 2018

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Today I am going to be sharing with you how I keep my skin looking glowy in the winter months.

During the colder months I really like to use a heavier moisturiser than I usually do since I find that it helps keeps my skin looking dewy and healthy throughout the day. I have really dry skin anyway but when it is cold my skin can end up looking so dry! The moisturiser that I have been loving for a little moment is from No7 which you can pick up from Boots and it is their Protect & Perfect Day Cream. Not sure if this would be a great moisturiser for someone that has more oily skin just because I find it can take a while to sink in to the skin.

Where To Find
£25.00 -

Now because of my dry skin I always love using an illuminating primer so this isn't really a huge change for me during the winter months but it is still an important step in helping to keep your skin looking glowy. I always apply mine underneath foundation because I find doing it that way will just give you a really healthy glow and keep the coverage of the foundation that you are going to wear. My go to favourite is from L'oreal and it is their Lumi Magique Primer although a great dupe is from Seventeen and is their Skin Wow.

Where To Find 
L'oreal Lumi Magique - £10.99 from
Seventeen Skin Wow - £4.99 from

If you have dry skin like me then I think it's really important to find a foundation that has a fair about of balance to it in the sense that you get a decent amount of wear time out of it but it gives your skin a nice glow. Sometime if I wear a really dewy foundation I find that it can slip and slide a little bit even on my skin and can transfer and I don't always like that and if I'm going to be out all day I don't always want to wear a foundation that I know I'm going to need to touch up. A lot of matte foundations I find are just way too drying on my skin and they will cling to any little dry patch I might have. One of the foundations I love to wear is the L'oreal Infallible 24 Hour because I find it has the right amount of balance for me and all throughout the day it keeps my skin looking really good. It also has really good coverage!

Where to find
£10.99 from

Concealer for me is very much the same as foundation, I mainly use concealer underneath my eyes and I want that part of my face to look healthy. If I wear a concealer that is really mattifying then I find it can create lines and texture underneath my eyes. One of my favourite concealers to wear is from Bourjois and it is their Healthy Mix Concealer. It has great coverage and has a very natural finish. I also love the Healthy Mix foundation!

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£8.99 from

The two powder I have been loving are both from Rimmel and they are the Match Perfection and of course the good old Stay Matte. I love using the Match Perfection underneath my eyes as I find it is a really light weight powder and helps to set my concealer without making my under eye area look massively dry. Stay Matte is honestly just one of my all time favourite setting powders and it looks so natural and just helps prevent an overload of shine. They are some areas on my face usually around my T zone that I just don't like looking particularly glowy, so I will usually use a setting powder underneath my eyes, around my T zone and around my mouth just because some foundations like to leave smile lines and I'm not a fan!

Where To Find
Match Perfection Loose Powder - £6.99 from
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - £3.99 from

I find that bronzer don't really matter in the winter month in terms of a specific brand but I do usually tend the stay away from bronzers that might have any bits of glitter in them purely because I much prefer that more for the summer time. The bronzer that I have been loving currently is from the Anastasia Beverly Hill Contour Light-Medium.

Where To Find
£42.00 -
£42.00 -
My favourite shade is on the bottom row on the right.

Blush is totally optional, I've only pretty recently started wearing blush and I just like something that gives a little colour to the skin. I love Warm Soul by MAC because I find it is a great colour, very natural and doesn't give you clown cheeks! It also isn't completely matte but it doesn't have huge chucks of glitter in it so it helps give your cheeks a healthy little sheen.

Where To Find
£23.00 -
£23.00 -

Liquid Highlighter
This stage is optional but I find I like using a liquid highlighter as a base for my powder highlighter because it just makes me have such a healthy looking glow. Sometimes on my dry skin a powder highlighter can end up clinging to dry patches or emphasising texture on my cheeks so I love how natural a liquid highlighter looks and how it just totally melts in to the skin. Using a liquid illuminator is a great way to fake that you have really dewy skin! One of my all time favourites is from Makeup Revolution.

Where To Find
£6.00 -
Favourite shade is; Champagne

Powder Highlighter
So once I've gone in with a liquid highlighter I like to go over the top with a powder highlighter. Having the liquid one underneath is really going to help intensify the powder. My current favourite highlighter/s is from Anastasia Beverly Hills and it is their Sugar Glow Kit. You get four different shades in this palette and they are really universal and would suit a variety of different skin tones.

Where To Find
£41.00 -
£41.00 -

Makeup Finishing Spray
I love using a makeup mist after I have finished with my makeup because I feel like it adds even more of a glow but it also helps everything blend together and take away any powdery-ness. I don't necessary find that any these I'm going to mention prolong the life of my makeup when I wear them but I use them more to add hydration to my face so I'm not too bothered by that. If you have more oily skin then I recommend using a setting spray that will lock your makeup in place since that will help stop any oils trying to escape. I love using MAC's Prep And Prime Fix + or if you're looking for more affordable option then I highly recommend the Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Mist.

Where To Find
MAC's Prep And Prime Fix + - £
Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Mist - £

Check out my tips in action!!

Thanks for taking the time to read;
- AmberBentleyy'xo

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