Wednesday 3 January 2018

ABH Sugar Glow Kit Review | 2018

Hi loves!

So for Christmas thanks to my brother I received the Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Sugar' Glow Kit and I'm going to be telling you guys what I think...

Lets just have a quick little mention of the packaging shall we? I took a picture with flash hoping that you'll be able to see it better but the colour the palette is a gorgeous pink colour with little sparkles in it. Besides the colour it is the same as the other Glow Kits.

The reason for me wanting this palette is because I saw the 'Sweets' Glow Kit and I was really in to that but I did find it pretty hard to get my hands on. When I saw that this palette was being released I noticed that some of the shades were the same in both palettes and I just decided I preferred the colours in the Sugar Glow Kit.

Shade Descriptions
Marshmallow - White Pearl
Gumdrop - Duo Chrome Pink/Lilac
Starburst - Icy Pink
Butterscotch - Honey Gold

Left to Right; Marshmallow, Gumdrop, Butterscotch,  Starburst

I think this palette is very universal for a variety of different skin tones, I have pretty pale skin and I don't find the shades hard to work with and I do love mixing them together to get my own perfect colour. I'm not always a fan of gold highlighters sometimes they just don't suit my skin tone and some times more pink shades can almost look like a blush on me but I don't have a problem with this palette! The other Glow Kit I have is 'Sundipped' and I find the performance between the two palettes is very similar, the 'Sugar' Glow Kit includes a couple of shades that look a bit more glittery in the pan but once on the skin they blend in really nicely and you aren't left with like huge chunks of glitter! I always use my Morphe M510 brush to apply my highlighter since I find it picks up the right amount of product and is very good at like melting the highlighter in to the skin. I find it best with ABH Glow Kits to go in fairly lightly because the shades are always very pigmented and I think because I have dry skin if I go in a bit heavy handed then the highlighter can accentuate texture on my skin.

Top; Sundipped
Bottom; Sugar

Left to Right; Marshmallow (Sugar), Gumdrop (Sugar), Butterscotch (Sugar), Starburst (Sugar), Bronzed (Sundipped), Summer (Sundipped), Tourmaline (Sundipped), Moonstone (Sundipped).

Where To Find
Cult Beauty - £41
Beauty Bay - £41

Thanks for taking the time to read;
- AmberBentleyy'xo

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