Wednesday 28 February 2018

How To Find Pandora Charms On Ebay | 2018

Hey loves!

Today I thought I would share with you some tips on how to find genuine Pandora charms on eBay.

There are lots of different reasons as to why you might look to eBay to pick up some charms such as some charms are discontinued and you can't get hold of them and maybe you just want to have some cute charms for a more affordable price. So here are my tips to help you!

1. Make use of the search filters on eBay, I always find switching the buying format to auction tends to block out a lot of the people that may be selling fakes. If someone is claiming that they have 30 of the same charm but they only cost £5 then the chances are they are not genuine.

2. Look at the pictures - I don't always like saying things like this because I know there are some people out there that do put a lot of time in to the pictures they upload on eBay but honestly if the pictures look great or they look like they've just taken the picture from Pandora's website then chances are they are not genuine. Look for the pictures that might not have the best lighting or maybe you can see someones hand. There should also be a few pictures as well from different angles.

3. Check for the stamp marks. There should be two I believe on most Pandora charms, and some depending on the charm may be harder to see. You should see S925 which means that it is sterling silver and you should see ALE which stands for Algot Enevoldsen who was the father of the Pandora founder.

4. Communicate with the seller, usually genuine sellers will answer any questions you might have and if you request more pictures then they should be happy to help you out.

5. Do your own research - Some charms on eBay aren't even made by Pandora, like the design never existed so if you walked in to a Pandora store they would probably have no idea what you were talking about! Also keep a look out for phrases like 'will fit Pandora' or 'Pandora inspired' as they are usually not genuine.

6. Always read the description.

Check out my video where I show my collection;

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