Monday 19 March 2018

Makeup Products I Can't Live Without | 2018

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Today I thought I would share with you the makeup products that I just can't live without! These are the products that if all my makeup got stolen I would have to run out and pick these up straight away..

My first makeup product I don't think I could live without has to be the L'oreal Blur Cream. This is kind of funny to me because when I first purchased this I wasn't really blown away or anything like that like it looked nice but I didn't think it stuck out to me against other primers. It was only when I ran out and stopped using it I realised how great it is! I don't usually apply it all over my face I tend to focus on my T section area and my under eye area since that can appear to have texture when I apply my foundation and concealer. When I use this primer I find that my under eyes look so much better and so much smoother and makeup sits so much better in that area.

This is such a hard choice for me because I love a variety of different foundations for different occasions but I'm going to go with the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. This is a foundation that I can wear for any occasion, it looks great on my dry skin and never clings on to any of my dry patches, it's lasting time is great on my skin and this has some seriously great coverage without looking cakey. I even love the smell (slightly odd I know!) I couldn't ask for anything more from a foundation. Besides being cheaper? But it is totally worth the price and I have repurchased this a bunch of times.
I am in the shade NW25

So I am going to go with the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define - This is a new concealer to my collection and to my everyday makeup routine but this concealer honestly blew me away I'm obsessed and haven't worn any other concealer since I picked this up. It's supposedly a dupe to the Tarte Shape Tape concealer although I haven't tried that so I don't know but looking at pictures and videos online it looks pretty close! This just has great coverage without being cakey and it lasts on my skin all day without creasing and sinking in to any of my fine lines underneath my eyes. There is a ton of shades (18 on Superdrug) so I'm pretty sure everyone can wear this and the price is on point for £4!
I have been wearing the shade C3

My powder of choice has go to be the Rimmel Stay Matte. I think this might actually be my most repurchased makeup product and I have used this ever since I first started wearing makeup when I was like 12 and had absolutely no clue what I was doing. I've chosen this powder because I can try different setting powders and I will still end up turning back to this one. Not only is the price on point as it's so affordable (£3.99) it is one of the best setting powders I've ever tried. It doesn't make my skin look powdery or cakey and it doesn't make me look crazy matte so that my skin has bad texture, it keeps me in the middle and my skin can look really lovely and healthy. Besides the packaging which is not my favourite I always carry around this powder in my bag incase I need a touch up!

I usually pick up the shade 'Peach Glow' but I find I can pull off most of the lighter shades

So I love a warm bronzer but it can be quite hard to find a warm bronzer that doesn't make you look orange so that is the reason I love this bronzer that I'm going to be talking about and it is the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil. This never skips on my skin and leaves me looking like patchy and it never looks muddy no matter what foundation I am wearing. It always performs on my skin the way I want it to and I think it really flatters my skin tone. I find it doesn't fade on my skin throughout the day or rub off and the smell is just.. mmm!! Another thing I love about this product as well is it is 100% cruelty free.
There are 3 shades available in this bronzer and I usually wear the middle shade

I have only recently started wearing blush but I am head over heels in love with MACs Warm Soul. If I'm being honest in the pan this shade does look quite boring and nothing special but it just compliments my skin tone so well. I had heard so many raving reviews so I decided to see what all the hype was about and let me tell you the hype is really guys! It doesn't give me a clown looking face which I find is pretty easy for us pale girls and it helps my bronzer and highlighter blend in without looking like neapolitan ice cream. It gives me a nice healthy glow and it isn't in your face noticeable so it is a great starting blush. I think this shade is very universal and could be used on a variety of different skin tones.

This was so hard because highlighters are literally my favourite makeup product to buy but I'm going to settle with Becca Opal. I held off for so long getting this highlighter because the price is pretty high but I'm so glad I picked this up because it's seriously stunning on the face. This highlighter would suit a bunch of different skin tones although I think if you had really pale skin then this might show up as a bit of a line. There are a few different shades available in the collection so if Opal doesn't work for you then you will definitely find another that does! This highlighter just goes on so smooth on the skin and is really pigmented, so if you like to glow then this is for sure a highlighter for you!

I have always been someone that has struggled with their eyebrows and I am one of those silly people that massively over plucked their eyebrows. And my mum even warned me not to.. Anyway finally at the end of last year I bit the bullet and got my eyebrows micro bladed, which besides a few little things I'm pretty happy with so my eyebrow filling has decreased dramatically although I still touch up a few areas as my micro blading starts to fade and I literally have one eyebrow product that has stuck with me for so long and that is the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil. I have tried gels and pomades and all that jazz but I've always come back to this pencil, it's so easy to use and the lid includes a little brush to help comb your eyebrows in to place.

I use the shade  'Hazel 2'

Eyeshadow Palette
Again this was another hard decision for me because I love so many eyeshadow palettes and I will admit it was a pretty close call but I am going to go with the Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette. I chose this palette because I mean hello the shade range is stunning and you get 20 shadows. I love the fact that is palette includes a variety of great mattes which I love using in my crease and I love that there are some beautiful foiled shades as well. The shadows are so pigmented and the foils don't need any fix + because they are stunning on their own. This palette just includes my ideal shades as I am a warm tone loving girl and I can create so many looks easily and quickly!

False Lashes
I love me some good falsies and I was certain for so long that the Ardell Demi Wispies would forever be my go to's for everyday but I recently purchased some lashes from eBay and tried them on my Youtube channel and I have definitely found some new favourites. They are the Vivi Collection lashes in the style V110 and you can grab them on eBay for £3.99 and you get 5 pairs! I think these lashes are dramatic enough so that you can see them but also natural enough for you to wear everyday (Because wearing lashes everyday is so natural lol!) They also have a clear band so you can pull them off without wearing any eyeliner and I just love how quick and easy they are to pop on in the morning!

Picture is from eBay
My favourite lipstick has got to be MACs Faux. This lipstick is a satin finish meaning that is has great lasting time and stays in place but it doesn't dry my lips out or make my lips look like they are super cracked. I think the colour is really flattering on me and is definitely a colour I consider to be a perfect every day go to. The shade is a pinky mauve. If you love yourself a good nude lipstick then you have got to try this shade out!

Lip Liner
Pretty much since the day I got this lip liner I have been obsessed and it is MACs Soar. I love that it's quite a natural colour like a pinky brown and can make your lips look nice and full. MAC lip liners are great because they make sure your lipstick doesn't bleed and it also acts as a base for your lipstick and can be great for adding a bit of dimension to the lip as well as allowing you to create nice even lines.

Thanks for taking the time to read;
- AmberBentleyy'xo

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