Wednesday 4 April 2018

March Favourites | 2018

Hey loves!

Today I'm going to be sharing with you the things that I have been loving for the month of March!

Simple Water Boost Hydrating Gel Cream
So I've been on the hunt for a new moisturiser for a while since because I have dry skin I get through moisturiser so quickly and it's important for me to keep up with my skin care otherwise I can be left with dehydrated feeling skin which can look flaky because of dry patches. I saw this when I went into Boots and had to pick it up since it is the type of moisturiser I love for my skin and this definitely performs the way I want it to. It hydrates my skin and makes it feel lovely and soft but also doesn't take forever to sink in so I am able to apply my makeup within a few minutes of applying this. I also love the packaging for this as it's so quick and easy. This product just does exactly what I want it to do and I know I will constantly be repurchasing this from now on!

Price & Where To Find
£6.99 (on offer at time of posting for £3.49) -

Simple Water Boost Skin Quench Sleeping Cream
This moisturiser is from the same line as the other mentioned above except this one is suggested to be used at night. Again this is the type of moisturiser that I like since it's very hydrating but also sinks in to the skin quickly and doesn't make you feel greasy and it doesn't feel heavy. I have had no irritations or breakouts whatever so ever from using this product as I do have pretty sensitive skin but I know that Simple as a brand likes to keep their products very natural so I am fine with using this on my face. When I apply this before bed I can wake up and my skin will still be smooth and soft thats why I've been loving this!

Price & Where To Find
£6.99 (on offer at time of posting for £3.49) -

W7 Prime Magic Face Primer Camera Ready
I am someone that struggles to find a primer that does exactly what I want it to do so when I stumbled across this one I was really surprised to see that it was everything that I could want in a primer! It reduces any texture on my skin which means that my foundation, concealer and powder look and sit so much better but it doesn't leave me greasy. I wouldn't say it makes my face look really matte so it works great with my dry skin and the price point for this primer is great!

Price & Where To Find
£3.47 -

W7 Shade and Swap Make Up Colour Swapper
I remember seeing a product like this being spoken about a while ago and for the life of me I cannot remember the brands names but I whilst I was searching products from W7 I came across this and I thought it looked really interesting. Basically what you do is use a powder product like an eyeshadow then when you want to clean your brush you just simply swirl it around the sponge and you have a nice clean brush! I am so grateful for this product because I'm definitely guilty of wiping my makeup brushes on bits of clothes and things like that. It allows you to create an eye look quickly and you don't need to wet your brushes.

Price & Where To Find
£4.95 -

Miss Sporty Pump Up Extra Lash Mascara
I'm not really a mascara person since I wear false eyelashes most of the time so I have to really like a mascara for me to really rave about it, I used to use Miss Sporty makeup when I was younger and in secondary school so I decided that I would pick up one of their mascaras to see if I still thought it was any good. I'm really impressed with this mascara for the price, it nicely coats my lashes and helps them blend in to my falsies and it doesn't fall out all over my face thought the day. All I need in a mascara for a great price.

Price & Where To Find
£2.80 -

MAC 'Tan' Pigment
I've had this pigment a while and it's always been a favourite but I just hadn't picked it up in ages so I've been trying it out and I have definitely fallen back in love with this pigment. It has such amazing colour pay off and it suits so many different eye looks. It can be very natural or it can look great in a dramatic look. Even though I think MAC pigments are pretty pricey I think you get a decent amount of product for the money and I've used this shade so many times and it looks like I've barely used any! The way I like to use this is to spray my brush with some MAC's Fix + and dip in to the pigment. Doing this makes the shadow look foiled and it also helps you get less fallout.

Price & Where To Find
£16.50 -

Pressed Glitters
I've been getting in to wearing glitters more recently and I've been picking up my pressed glitters from Glittertubes. These pressed glitters are so affordable and so good and easy to use, because they are pressed you don't get glitter falling all down your face and there is such a variety of different colours you are definitely spoiled for choice. These are great to use for any eye look because they are so quick and easy to use.

Price & Where To Find
£2.50 -

Picture from Glittertube's website

Pink Faux Fur Weekender Bag
I had seen this bag floating around the internet and I just knew I needed to get my hands on it and I'm so glad that I did. This bag is from website Dollskill which I was a little worried about ordering from since because I am from the UK and Dollskill is a US brand I believe I was thinking that I was going to get hit with really high custom charges but I'm pleased to say I didn't have any problems! This also arrived really quickly, it probably took around a week which is great considering it's from the US. Anyway this bag is really big, it's fluffy and it's pink. I don't think I could want anything more from a bag! As the name suggests this would be great if you are going away for a couple of nights since there is lots of room, personally I wouldn't use this every day just because it's so big!

Price & Where To Find
£34.00 -

Thanks for taking the time to read;
- AmberBentleyy'xo

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