Wednesday 4 July 2018

Skincare Routine | 2018

Hey loves!

Today I thought I would share with you my updated skincare routine for 2018..

Baby Wipes
I've never really been a big fan of makeup remover wipes I find that they don't always remove my makeup as well as I want them to and if I use them to remove my eye makeup they usually sting. Which I'm obviously not a fan of! I now prefer using baby wipes as I find they do a great job at removing a decent amount of my makeup and they are kind on my sometimes sensitive skin.

Bulk pack of 12 - £9.99 -

Garnier Micellar Water Sensitive Skin
Once I've finished with my baby wipes I like to go in with a cotton round and some Micellar Water. I think Micellar Water is a great product to remove makeup especially waterproof mascara and liquid lipsticks.

£4.99 -

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Gel Wash
Once I've removed my makeup with the Micellar Water I like to wash my face again to make sure my skin is totally clear of any makeup. I love this cleanser because it doesn't dry out my skin or make me break out and it leaves my skin feeling very fresh.

£4.99 -

Garnier Natural Rose Water Toner Sensitive Skin
I usually skip using a toner because I find most of them really dry my skin out and leave me with dry patches and texture but I picked this up recently and I have been really enjoying it. It has a very fresh scent and leaves my skin feeling moisturised yet clean.

£3.49 -

Simple Water Boost Skin Quench Sleeping Cream
I've been loving this moisturiser for a couple of months now because it is a gel consistency which is like my favourite type of moisturiser. I find it's really hydrating but not greasy or heavy feeling and great for people with dry skin in my opinion. I also really enjoy using the Simple Water Boost Hydrating Gel Cream before applying my makeup.

£6.99 -

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
Thought I would throw this in because even though I don't use it every single day I still think it is an important part of my skincare routine. If I ever have a break out this is one of the first products I will pick up. I apply it once my moisturiser has sunk in and then I use a cotton tip to apply and I will leave it on all night and remove it in the morning. I find it really helps to get rid of any annoying spots that like to creep up on me.

£16.00 -

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- AmberBentleyy'xo

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