Wednesday 15 August 2018

What's In My Bag? | 2018

Hi loves!

Today I thought I would share with you what I carry around in my handbag!

My Bag
So the bag that I am rocking at the moment is a new one to my collection and it is the Sugar Thrillz 'Shagadelic Purse' and it's seriously stunning. I had originally brought the larger version which is the 'Shagadelic Weekender' which I love but as the name suggest it's a large bag so it's not really something I can use on a regular basis. I literally think you could fit your kitchen sink in it. So when I found out that Sugar Thrillz brought out a smaller version I knew I needed it in my life. It's a great size and comes with two sets of straps so you can either wear it in your elbow crease (does that make any sense) or just hold it or you can wear it on the shoulder. The sides are holographic pink and the rest of the bag is fluffy and pink.

£27.25 or $38.00
£34.42 or $48.00

** I purchased these bags from and I didn't have a problem with shipping to the UK. I had no custom issues or anything like that and I ordered on two occasions. Both items came within around a week.

So on to what I carry in my bag!!

Reusable Bag
Obviously in the UK we are now charged for plastic carrier bags so I try my hardest to remember to bring with me a reusable one so I don't have to try and juggle my shopping to my car. Also it's good for the environment so it's win win.

I like to bring a hair brush or comb or both with me when I go out because I hate it when my hair tangles. I love using the Tangle Teezer brushes but you can also get great similar ones from Poundstretchers and places like that. I love having a pin tooth comb because not only is it useful for your hair the pointy end comes in handy for all sorts.

Phone Power Bank
Now I am someone who is nearly always on there phone and my phone is getting pretty old now so I usually have to carry around a charger just in case. The one that I've had for ages and love is a unicorn emoji one and it's so cute. You can find them on eBay if you are interested.

Car Keys
Fairly self explanatory this one but I have my car keys in my bag at all times so I never get in the situation where I can't find them which has happened a lot in the past. Not anymore!!

Again another fairly obviously one but if I didn't carry my purse with me I'm not sure I would be able to do much! The one that I have is from Ted Baker and it's seriously so old but I love it and it's a gorgeous bright neon pink. I also like to keep a little coin purse which is separate to my main purse because if I have too many coins in my actual purse won't stay shut. So I try to remember to put them in my little purse so I can get rid of them at a self service somewhere.

Chewing Gum
Always a must for me can't stand it when I don't have any chewing gum. My favourites are both from Wrigleys and they are Extra Cool Breeze and Extra Peppermint.

I always carry pens with me because you never know when you might need one and they always come in handy.

Hairbands and Bobby Pins
I carry hairbands with me obviously incase I fancy tying up my hair if it's annoying me and I honestly think Bobby Pins are in every girls bag right? I find them everywhere in my house too.

Fidget Cube
Now I don't actually know if the one that I have is a genuine one because I picked it up off eBay but I have a fidget cube in my bag to help me if I get anxious when I'm out. I have anxiety and it can be really bad at times so I'll either go on my phone or I'll play around with my fidget cube and it really helps.

I carry various items of makeup in my bag because I mean you just never know! But seriously I like to carry a pressed powder and a brush. Favourite go to powder is from MAC and it's one of their Mineralise Skinfinishes. I have a selection of lipsticks which can vary depending on what I am wearing that particular day and a lip pencil because I'm terrible at applying lipstick on it's own. I also carry eyelash glue and the one that I love having in my bag is the Duo Brush On Lash Adhesive and I love it because it has a little brush applicator so it's great if you have a corner peeling up. I use the normal Duo when I apply my lashes.

Thanks for taking the time to read;
- AmberBentleyy'xo

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