Friday 31 March 2017

Clip In Hair Extensions VS Micro-Loop Extensions | Hair Care

Hey guys!!

Today I thought I could share with you today some pros and cons for both clip in extensions and micro loop extensions and ultimately which ones I prefer and would recommend.

I have been wearing hair extensions for around the best part of 7 years now, I started experimenting whilst I was in secondary school and it all went from there. The first time I ever coloured my hair I became addicted and then made it a unspoken thing that I would colour my hair every possible colour. Now theres nothing wrong with that but because I did it all myself I had to learn from my mistakes which did eventually end up with my hair looking thin, dry and damaged and just not very happy. This is where extensions came into play.. I could use a couple of rows of clip in extensions and I loved the instant volume I got. As I could older and dabbled in to extensions more I then discovered micro-loop extensions which meant instead of having to take the clip in ones in and out all the time and I could have long luscious hair for longer periods of time. So here comes the pros and cons...

Clip in extensions pros

  • You can change your hair from short to long whenever you want, and because you take them out you can keep them styled a certain way for a decent amount of time (it's better to not wash them too often) this means that you don't have to style them everyday - instant fabulous hair!
  • They are not a damaging as other types of extension and if you ever feel any discomfort you can just whip them out and problem solved.
  • Clip ins are a great way to add volume quickly and easily.
  • They are easy to get your mitts on, meaning you can buy them from a bunch of different places - the website that I recommend is:
  • You can use different colours of extensions if you are dying to try out the latest trends like dip-dye or ombre hair but you don't actually have to do anything to your natural hair. Win win!
  • They are generally cheaper than other types of extensions since you won't be paying for the application cost you can do it all yourself.
Clip in extensions cons
  • You really should take them out every night so this could increase your getting ready time in the morning and be a bit of a hassle.
  • Compared to more permanent hair extensions clip ins can be quite hard to blend and look natural, also because they are usually fairly long wefts it can mean that other people might be able to spot them.
  • It can make certain styles harder to do (you have to try and make sure none of the clips are showing).
  • The hair doesn't always move as natural as individual extensions do.
  • They can sometimes give you a little head ache if you have done the clips to close to the scalp.

Micro-loop extensions pros
  • Once they are in - they are in! 
  • The hair moves very naturally and the beads are harder to spot.
  • You do everything you would do to your natural hair to your extensions (washing, styling etc) this makes it really easy to forget that you've even got extensions in!
  • Besides straight after you've had them applied micro-loop extension are generally pretty comfy. (They can be slightly sore after application)
  • I find that micro-loop extensions are less damaging than most other types of individual extension since there is not glue or heat involved. 
  • They are sold in strands (usually 25/50/100) and in different weights depending on what type of look you want to achieve. I recommend buying micro-loop extensions from
Micro-loop extensions cons
  • They can be pretty pricey and you will usually have to pay someone to apply them.
  • If you don't look after them properly then they can become dry and matted. 
  • Linking with the point above you may find you have to spend slightly more on products since most brands of extensions have their own shampoo and conditioners that will pro-long the life of the extensions. Sulphate free shampoo and conditioner is usually recommend.
  • Application is a fairly long process depending on what your getting done and your head can end up feeling a bit sore for a night or so.
  • Because you don't see your real hair for quite some time you are somewhat conned into thinking your hair is think or long, so when you have them removed you could be in for a little bit of a shock. (You get so used to having them all the time).
  • They take forever to dry!! (No seriously they do)

What would I recommend?
Now this is really all up to personal preference. I would personally recommend clip in extensions for those just starting out since they are easy to get hold of and you can experiment yourself with them. I think if you go the micro-loop route then you need to be dedicated in looking after them otherwise they won't last very long and they will be a waste of money. It depends on what is your budget? Are you going to look after them well? Do you have the time??

- Thanks for taking the time to read;
AmberBentleyy xo

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