Monday, 27 March 2017

5 Tips For Platinum Blonde Hair

Hey my loves

Today in this post I am just going to give you 10 quick tips about how you can keep your platinum blonde hair in good condition. As a blonde myself I have been bleaching my hair myself for around 6 years and have honestly experienced it all.. Chemical cuts and orange roots.

Tip 1
Coconut oil, enough said. No seriously this stuff is amazing for your hair I have noticed a big difference in how my hair is when it is coloured when I use coconut oil. You can just use it as a deep conditioning hair mask to give your hair a treat but I actually like using it when I am doing a retouch on my roots. I will put the coconut oil in the microwave (or you could use a hair dryer) until it turns into a liquid, then I apply it generously all over my hair and scalp. Once I've done that then I apply my bleach as normal. My hair does not feel as dry and damaged when I do this. You can buy coconut oil from most supermarkets.

Tip 2
Invest in a decent purple shampoo. I can't stress enough how much a good purple shampoo can help us blondes. It will eliminate all the nasty coppery orange tones from our hair and leave our colour looking white and fresher. The one I use on the regular is the L'oreal Silver Expert Shampoo. This is one of the many purple shampoos that I have used that doesn't give my hair a purple tint to it. It really does tone my hair to a gorgeous silvery white. I also have high recommendations for the Provoke Touch Of Silver shampoo. I use purple shampoo once a week.

Tip 3
Don't wash your hair too much. I literally try to wash my hair 1-2 times per week. Now I know that sounds gross so bare with me! I find my hair in general is pretty dry - which I do put down to the fact it's been through a lot of bleaching and colouring over the years.. So I do find when I leave my hair to it's own devices for a little while it helps my hair feel smoother and look shinier. I highly recommend trying this for a few weeks and seeing how your hair feels. After all this tip is totally free!!

Tip 4
Now this tip does go hand in hand with tip 3, investing in dry shampoo! My personal favourite is the Bastiste Dry shampoo. Not only is this dry shampoo really inexpensive but it comes in a variety of different scents which is great. I will spritz this through my hair at the roots when I feel my hair might look a little bit too oily for my liking. It's also great if you have a slight yellow/orange tinge around the root area because the product comes out white. Win win.

Tip 5
Invest in a good bleach. Again I have tried many different bleaches and some just don't work that great. The one that I personally use is from Sallys and it is just called Dust Free Powder Bleach. When you have a good bleach then you have a good advantage to begin with and hopefully you won't have bright orange roots! Failing that, go and find a good salon that knows what they are doing when it comes to bleaching and colouring hair.

Hope you found this helpful, leave a comment below about your favourite tips for you hair.

Thanks for taking the time to read;
- AmberBentleyy xo

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