Monday 15 May 2017

Becca Moonstone vs Opal | Powder Highlighters

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Today's post is going to be a quick comparison between two really popular highlighter shades from Becca; Moonstone and Opal.

Moonstone was the first of the two highlighters that I purchased since I had heard that it was great for people that have a pretty pale complexion. It is described as a 'pale gold'. Opal is the shade that I have definitely heard the most hype about and it is described as a 'peach toned opal'.
 Left: Moonstone. Right: Opal

The texture for both of these pressed powders is amazing, so soft and buttery. I love to use my Morphe M510 brush to apply these as it picks up a decent amount of product and it spreads it evenly on the skin. As much as I love the formula of these highlighters if you apply a bit too much then I find that it can emphasize pores and skin texture. You get an amazing colour pay off with little product and both of these shades definitely have an intense sheen to them that can look really natural on the skin. I find that both these highlighters last a really long time on the skin and they don't wear off patchy or anything like that which is great!

The packaging for both of these are the same; a kind of matte black/brown compact and a silver lid. The packaging includes a decent size mirror but is made of that like rubbery material which means that it has a tendency to get a bit dirty with makeup fingerprints and things like that. I think this would travel well since it is pretty sturdy.

 Normal lighting (By a window); Left to right; Moonstone, Opal.

Flash. Left to right; Moonstone, Opal.

Now if you asked me to choose between the two shades I would have to say that it 'depends on your skin tone' I am a NW20/NW25 at MAC and I personally find that the shade Opal is my preferred shade. I think that Moonstone would be best suited for people with a pale skin tone whereas I think that Opal could suit a range of different skin tones.

Where to buy: - £32.00 - £32.00

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