Monday 26 June 2017

Anti Haul #2 | Products I won't Be Buying

Hey guys!!!

I'm back at it again with another anti haul. I love these because it's so easy to get drawn in by makeup but if you've read reviews or watched videos then it might sway your mind - and thats kind of a good thing because no one wants to waste their money on a product that might not perform the way that they want it to.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector - Prismatic Amethyst
Now don't get me wrong I literally love like every product that I buy from Becca and their other Shimmer Skin Perfector in 'Opal' is one of my all time favourite highlighters, but when I saw people reviewing this it was just a bit meh for me. I love what they've done with the packaging, I think it's a nice touch but I'm really just not into the kind of duo-chrome iridescent highlighters. Highlighters are one of my favourite makeup products to buy and I can get seriously carried away but I'm just not interested in this, I'm more of a basic highlighter girl I'm afraid. Again I love all of their other products but for £32.00 this is not jumping out at me as something I need in my life.

Rainbow highlighters 
I'm not really talking about a brand in particular when I mention this because there are a bunch on the market. As much as I seriously love highlighters I really do not get the 'rainbow' highlighters. I've seen videos of people swatching them and things like that and yeah they do look pretty interesting and different but honestly like I just don't think they look that good as a highlighter? I mean you could totally use one strip of colour or you could swirl everything together but I'm fine with sticking to my basic highlighters at the moment so I will not be picking up any brand of a rainbow highlighter.

Glam Glow
Now I'm being a bit judgemental when talking about this range of products but Glam Glow is a company that sells a lot of skin care products such as masks and moisturisers. Now I'm all for having good skin but I just honestly can't with the price. There are lots of other amazing masks and skin care products out there and I just really can't see myself forking out £39.00 for a mask. I've seen reviews and they are rated good but I'm sorry - just not for me with that price tag. My mind could totally change if I ever receive like a sample, maybe it will completely change my skin? Until then it's a no from me.

Too Faced Peanut Butter and Honey Eyeshadow Palette
Too Faced gets me every time with their packaging.. And the fact their products are scented. But I've not got millions of pounds so when I really look at this palette as much as the packaging and everything like that really draws me in I just can't see myself being about to make many different looks. I love their natural eyes palettes and I use them on the regular but I feel like with this palette I could probably make like one look and thats about it? I love palettes where I can create a bunch of different looks without really having to go in any other palette. Also this palette is around £32.00 and you get 9 shades but their chocolate bar palettes are £39.00 and you get 16? Not to mention that sometimes these palettes can be hard to get hold of in the UK without large shipping costs or custom charges. So for that reason I will not be picking up this palette. So. Cute. Though.

Urban Decay Moondust palette
So at first glance this palette sounds and looks amazing but I personally already own a single 'moondust' eyeshadow in the shade 'solstice' and as much as I love the shade of the eyeshadow I did find that it wasn't as pigmented as I thought it would be on it's own. If I used an eyeshadow underneath then it was fine but again this palette costs £36.00 so I really want something that works. You can buy pressed glitters and just loose glitter in general and you can use a glitter glue or whatever and you're good to go. I feel like these are like a mixture of an eyeshadow and glitter. Again really really stunning but I personally found them slightly harder to work with than I would of liked so for that reason I will probably not pick up this palette.

Spinning make up brush
Again I'm not talking about a specific brand when I'm talking about this product but I have seen a lot of reviews and seen people trying them out but I honestly just don't see the point? I have no problems using a beauty sponge or just a brush and just when I watch people using these they just seem like they are not really any quicker than the usual methods of applying makeup. They look fun to try out and maybe they work great for some people but I'm fine with what I'm using already so for that reason I will not be buying one of these. Although if I had the opportunity I would definitely try it out because it seems fun!

What are some products that you think you won't be picking up?

Thanks for taking the time to read;
- AmberBentleyy'xo

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