Wednesday 4 October 2017

Starting My Youtube Channel

Hey my loves!

I thought I would do a quick little post and introduce you to my Youtube channel. Now I love writing blog posts and I've started really getting into creating Youtube videos. The past few months have been a bit tough on me and I have been through a few things but writing blogs and recording videos has really helped me to stay motivated. I would love for you all to take a minute to check out my channel and subscribe if you like what you see!

My channel is going to be about basically anything I can think of! My main focuses right now though are makeup, hair and pet care. Three things I'm really passionate about. Like I said I hope to be able to include other things as well, I have always wanted to make a Youtube channel literally since like 6/7 years ago but I just never really found the confidence. But I've decided to give it a go anyway! Even if I get like 1 view it's worth it for me since it is something I really really enjoy. If there are any videos you would like to see then please let me know! :)

Favourite Skincare Products

Anti Haul

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Thanks for taking the time to read;
- AmberBentleyy'xo

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