Thursday 28 December 2017

Products I Regret Buying | Products That Didn't Work For Me | 2017

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Today I'm going to be talking about products I regret buying/products that didn't work for me.

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops
This is sort of a weird one to include because it's not on this list because I don't like the product, in fact I do genuinely love this highlighter but recently Makeup Revolution released their own liquid highlighters and if I'm being honest I really can't notice a difference between the two. For starters the packaging is very similar and so is the applicator and the product inside works exactly the same. So the Cover FX Drops are on this list purely because Makeup Revolutions liquid highlighters are just as good and I regret spending around £34 for a highlighter when I can now pick one up for £6! If you have been thinking of trying the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops then I highly recommend that you give the Makeup Revolution ones a go first!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer
I have really dry skin on my face everywhere except my eyelids strangely enough. This has always bothered me because I'd do an eye look that I was really happy with then throughout the day I would see the eyeshadow move around and crease. So annoying! So I decided to go on the look out for some eyeshadow primers and I came across this one from Too Faced. This didn't really do anything for me maybe my eyeshadow didn't crease quite as easy but it still ended up creasing at some point in the day and I've tried many ways of using it and I just can't seem to get it to work for me. It might be a great product if you don't have overly oily eyelids but for I just don't use this anymore and much prefer my MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly since this stuff literally keeps my eyeshadow on all day.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette
I feel so bad for mentioning a couple of Too Faced products in this list because Too Faced is one of my all time makeup brands but I think I regret buying this. So I absolutely love the Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette so I decided that I needed this to like go along with the eyeshadow palette. I am not a blush girl, I've only recently started playing around with blushes and I've learnt that I like natural neutral types that don't really add a whole load of colour to my face. The highlighter in this palette is stunning though and I have got a lot of use out of that and I wish it was sold on it's own. The bronzer in this I also struggle with slightly, I find that it takes a while for me to get any pigment and it's not really the shade of bronzer that I would usually go for and it does that thing where it will like cling to certain areas of my foundation and can start to look a bit muddy. Like I said I love the highlighter but theres like two other products in this palette that I rarely use and for that reason I regret spending the money on this!

Jeffree Star Skin Frost Princess Cut
I kept seeing reviews all over the internet about how amazing Jeffree Star's Skin Frosts were and my curiosity got the better of me and I had to pick some up. I ended up purchasing Ice Cold and Princess Cut and I believe the latter had not long been released. So needless to say I was really excited, highlighters are one of my favourite makeup products to buy! Ice Cold is crazy pigmented, like proper blinding whereas I do find I have more problems with Princess Cut. It's like it's not as pigmented and it kind of gets this weird film over it and I have to almost scratch at it. Once I've done all of that the shade is beautiful but the truth is I have other highlighters that seem to work much better, if I could get the pigment better this would be one of my favourite shades of highlighters but I just don't really expect to have to go through so much effect for the price.. If you get me?

MAC Harmony Blush
I use this as a bronzer not a blush and as a bronzer it is a great shade! But much like Princess Cut I mentioned above Harmony also seems to get a weird filmy layer over the top and I find myself trying to scratch away the top layer because I can't seem to get any colour pay off. I have heard that this can happen to products if you have oils on your makeup brushes or something like that but I wash my makeup brushes on the regular and none of my other products seem to have this problem. Basically this is a pretty expensive product and I find it hard to use and I have other bronzers from the drugstore that work just as good if not better and they don't seem to get a weird layer on top.

Nars Albatross
Now everyone on this internet use to rave about this highlighter and it literally took me forever to be able to pick this up and because of all the hype I'd heard I was expecting it to look amazing and in all fairness it's lots of videos and pictures it did. But when I applied this I was totally shocked.. It made my pores on my face look huge and it also brought up texture on my skin that I didn't even know that I had! I tried different combinations to see if I could get it to work for me such as trying different foundations and primers but honestly nothing really made a difference it just looked terrible. I also didn't really like the colour either so this has just ended up being a total waste of money for me.

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- AmberBentleyy'xo

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