Wednesday 9 May 2018

Anti Haul #4 | Products I Won't Be Buying | 2018

Hey loves.

Today I'm going to be sharing with you another anti-haul!

KKW X Mario Eyeshadow Palette 
So I have seen a few reviews and a few people talking about this online and I'm just not feeling it. For starters I'm not a massive follower of the Kardashians, I like what they do and think they are great but I'm not into them enough to buy everything they release if that makes sense. If I take away who this palette is associated with I'm also just not interested. The palette has shades that I feel like I already have in other palettes and you only get 10 shades and for the price I have palettes that include a lot more. Talking about the price this looks like it is pretty hard to get in the UK and I would probably have a large shipping fee and then probably get hit with customs so this palette would probably end up being crazy expensive for me to get my hands on! If this palette was more available in the UK and I could see it in person then I might be swayed but for now I won't be picking this palette up.

$45.00 -

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palettes
I hate mentioning anything to do with Too Faced since it is one of my all time favourite makeup brands but recently Too Faced has been on fire with all the new releases and collections and I honestly can't keep up at this point. When I saw these palettes I was slightly confused because I already have them in the older packaging. I'm not sure if they are exactly the same as the originals but I just don't need to spend my money on something I basically already have. The shades look pretty and I think the way the shadows are pressed look cute and I always loved how small and compact the palettes were but for the fact that I feel I basically already have these palettes I will not be picking them up.

£34.00 -

Natural Eyes

Natural Matte

Laura Lee Nudie Patootie Eyeshadow Palette
This would be a great palette if you wanted to support Laura Lee, if you are someone who regularly watches her videos and things like that I could see why people would be interested and the palette does look pretty but again I just feel like I have way too many nude palettes and thats the main reason really why I won't be picking this palette up, nothing in the palette really catches my eye and I feel like I already have these types of shades in other palettes. When I've seen swatches it does look pretty but I just don't need more neutral palettes at the moment and again like with the KKW palette I don't know how easy this would be to get to me in the UK.

$45.00 -

Urban Decay 'Naked Petite Heat' Eyeshadow Palette
I usually love nearly everything I pick up from Urban Decay and they are one of my favourite makeup brands especially for eyeshadow but I'm just never into their mini palettes I know they did some for their other Naked palettes but I just have never really been in the situation where the size of a palette really affects me. In terms of travelling I would much rather have all the shades I want and maybe a slightly larger palette than have a smaller palette with just a few shades, but that might just be me.. I feel as though I wouldn't be able to get many different looks from this palette and it doesn't really inspire me in anyway. This would be great for someone that doesn't like carrying around a lot of makeup but still wants a eyeshadow palette. If I'm going anywhere I usually take more than just eyeshadow so I never really travel light with makeup and out of all the makeup I usually wear eyeshadow is never one that I have to touch up when I'm out so this palette just wouldn't be useful for me and I would just rather have the original size.

£26.00 -

Thanks for taking the time to read;
- AmberBentleyy'xo

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